This is the page where I will be storing all information related to my non-work interests. Mainly these are small software projects which I use to learn new technologies or simply to improve my skills. Some of the work here is also directed towards software or hardware products I'm using at home. Such projects help to improve my experience with them. Or in general help me beeing lazy.


bananapi and ownCloud

DNS-323 and ownCloud

I have come across a D-Link DNS-323 it has Alt-F on it and I will be playing with ownCloud.

All about ds106

These links point to projects which I have been through because of this gadget I bought for myself to make my life easier.

playSMS tinkering


Technology experience

In this place I'm developing some prototypes .


  • xsl thingies especially the CRLF to <br/> translation

Random thoughts

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