There are some basic resources which you should look at before you start diving deeper into this realm:


If you intend to expand the functionality of your diskstation you have two way to choose from:

  • Request the feature you are interested in from synology
  • Void your warranty and install your own applications

The first point is not to be discussed here. So if you dont want to go the second path you can leave now.

Voiding warranty

The first thing on this path will be installing telnet on your box. Look for the chapter called Enable Telnet everything is there. Be aware this will void your warranty after that there is no point of return (well there is one reinstalling from scratch but I didn't told you, but if you mess with the flash you can brick the box and afterwards you are really dead in the water!) Anyway if your goal is just install som new and exciting software and you don't strive to play around with the flash then its more-or-less ok. In worst case a complete data loss after a reinstall.

Installing precompiled software

Compiling own software

Bits I've read somewhere

  • You can't have a 2.6 kernel on the ds106 because the flash is small. This was somewhere on the synology forums written by Franklin i.e. you can't flash the 2.6 kernel into the flash. Here is some (fairly old) status on the 2.6 kernel work.
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