DS106 revival

The Retrospective

After well two years withoud firmware update and any other tweakig, the DS106 was serving well. I have deactivated almost all the original functionality and replaced it with various GPL software. I had dropbear, apache, php, daemontools, mt-daapd nightly, svn, mlnet and everything was fine. The support for DS106 is stopped now so no new firmware. Not that I care much about it since nothing there is up-to my needs anyway. What bugged me a bit is that the not so new stardom case over esata was not supported with my current firmware. So I have decided to get rid of the chrooted debian and use only optware. Install the latest available firmware and hope for the best.

The Setup

The current setup is as follows:

  • 1xDS106 + 320GB HDD
  • 1xSTARDOM case with eSATA + 2x500GB HDD in RAID1
  • 1xLaCIE case with USB + 250GB HDD
  • 1xSAMSUNG ML-1210 Printer

The Firmware

First I thought I will use the last released fw from synology which is 731. After a small search I was able to locate the 942 version of the firmware. The installation of the newest firmware was succesfull.

This is the newest I could get in 2017.

The optware

The Connection
The Installation

The update

Now the quest for some special thingies starts out. Before I have either compiled or downloaded binaries which were able to run only in the chrooted debian environment. The goal is to have these thingies either via optware or otherways but not through the chrooted debian.
The mt-daapd
The MLdonkey

The Slimdown

I thought the webui is nice and will be good for something. Well seems like I'm not really using it for anything. This is the quest to slimming down all the unnecessary processes.
Cutting it down

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